Vineet Mittal



A social entrepreneur, pioneer and evangelist of sustainable development Vineet has been a vanguard of the clean energy transition in merging economies across Asia and Africa. His passion for sustainability originates from the ancient Indian Vedic philosophy of ‘Mata bhoomi putro aham prithiwaya” – The Earth is to be protected like a mother and nurtured for future generations. Avaada is a culmination of his vision of conducting business for higher purpose. Vineet’s socially beneficial public policy campaigns like Community Development Certificate (CDC) and Grow Forest Mechanism (GFM) are very well-received. In line with SDGs he has launched humanitarian programs aimed towards women empowerment, quality education, healthcare and environment protection in rural environs.

An alumnus of Harvard Business School, Vineet has successfully executed over 2GW of renewable energy projects and is implementing 5GW projects. Avaada has played a major role in helping shape renewable energy policies for emerging economies. He is on B20’s taskforce for financing growth and infrastructure and Energy, Resource Efficiency & Sustainability. He is the former India Chair of World Business Council of Sustainable Development (WBCSD)’s program on Renewables Low Carbon Technology platform. Vineet has been twice recognized as the ‘Solar Man of the Year’ in 2014 and 2012 for his significant contribution towards the solar industry.