2024 Agenda




Opening and Welcome Remarks


Keynote Remarks from the U.S. Government


Keynote Remarks from the Government of the Republic of the Philippines


Signing Ceremony and Deal Announcements


Networking Break


Plenary Panel – Private Sector Views on Growth in the Indo-Pacific Region

Global and regional corporate leaders will provide their businesses’ views on key policies and investment opportunities in the Indo-Pacific region as well as areas where governments in the region can help catalyze additional economic growth.


Plenary Panel – Creating an Enabling Environment to Support Regional Growth

Senior officials from countries in the Indo-Pacific region will highlight how to create an enabling business environment and areas where governments in the region can work to address obstacles to regional growth.


Plenary Panel – Investment Opportunities to Support Supply Chain Resiliency

Senior government and private sector officials will discuss how to bolster the supply chain ecosystem, in areas such as critical minerals and semiconductors, through like-minded partner collaboration.


Networking Break


Lunch and Plenary Panel – U.S. Government Tools to Catalyze Investment in Partner Economies

Senior U.S. government officials will discuss U.S. government tools, such as project preparation grants and financing options, that can support trade and investment projects across the Indo-Pacific region, as well as their development impact in the region.


Governor of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation


Plenary Panel – Climate Adaptation and Mitigation: Views from Financiers

Senior officials from multilateral development banks and private sector financiers will discuss their efforts to support projects that mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change.


Concluding Keynote Remarks


Networking Break


One-on-One Meetings


Breakout Panel – Indo-Pacific Economic Framework Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Workshop

Panelists will discuss how SMEs can support economic growth in the Indo-Pacific region.


Breakout Panel – The Clean Energy Transition

Panelists will discuss the region’s clean energy transition, key projects, and tools available to support this transition. Key topics will cover upscaling renewable energy generation, supportive transmission and distribution infrastructure required to support the clean energy transition, unlocking energy finance, and how to encourage workforce development.


Breakout Panel – Emerging Digital Technologies

Panelists will discuss emerging trends in digital technologies and infrastructure in the region, including efforts to bridge the digital divide, increase cybersecurity capabilities, digitalize governments and cities, and how to upskill the workforce to support these efforts.


Networking Break


Breakout Panel – Critical Supply Chains

Panelists will discuss how to support secure supply chains for critical minerals,
semiconductors, and electronics. Key topics will cover supply chain
vulnerabilities and resilience, enhancing manufacturing and mining capabilities,
how to develop a supportive regulatory environment for critical goods and
materials, as well as environmental and labor standards for critical sectors.


Breakout Panel – Leadership in the Indo-Pacific: G7/APEC/G20

Panelists will discuss leadership in the Indo-Pacific region through the G7, APEC, and the G20.


Breakout Panel – Japanese Government Tools

Panelists will discuss tools available from the Government of Japan to support economic development in the Indo-Pacific region.


Networking Reception

This is a notional agenda; all times are subject to change