The U.S. Trade and Development Agency helps companies create U.S. jobs through the export of U.S. goods and services for priority infrastructure projects in emerging economies. USTDA links U.S. businesses to export opportunities by funding project preparation and partnership building activities that develop sustainable infrastructure and foster economic growth in partner  countries.

USTDA achieves its mission by funding feasibility studies, technical assistance and pilot projects that integrate U.S. private sector innovation into infrastructure projects at the critical early stages when design choices and technology options are determined. The Agency also connects overseas project sponsors with U.S. partners through its reverse trade missions, industry conferences and expert workshops.

USTDA’s dual mission of facilitating overseas economic development and U.S. exports is unique among federal agencies. In carrying out its mission, the Agency places particular emphasis on vital economic sectors including clean energy, transportation, digital and healthcare infrastructure.

Every $1 USTDA invests in its programs generates $231 in U.S. exports. USTDA has facilitated more than $119 billion in U.S. exports since its founding in 1992, supporting more than 4,000 infrastructure activities in 139 countries.


Project Preparation Assistance

USTDA funds feasibility studies, technical assistance and the comprehensive analyses that infrastructure projects need to move from concept to financing and implementation.

Pilot Projects

USTDA tests U.S. equipment and technology in overseas settings to promote cutting-edge U.S. solutions and identify new development opportunities for scalability and replicability throughout emerging markets.

Reverse Trade Missions

USTDA brings foreign project sponsors to the United States to observe the innovative design, manufacture and operation of American products and services to support their infrastructure development goals.

Training Grants

U.S. firms may face a competitive disadvantage from foreign competitors offering incentives that exceed tender requirements. U.S. companies may request that USTDA help level the playing field with a training grant to fund the cost of beneficial training for the project sponsor.

Sectors of Focus

Digital Infrastructure

Emerging markets provide dynamic growth opportunities for U.S. technology providers to connect more of the world to the Internet. USTDA showcases U.S. innovation by focusing on projects and strategies that promote American solutions for connectivity, cybersecurity, data analytics and smart city infrastructure.

Clean Energy

USTDA supports the development of modern energy systems that are clean, smart and efficient. By funding activities ranging from smart grids, to renewable power generation, distributed energy and energy storage systems, USTDA helps emerging markets optimize their resources, strengthen markets and build resilient energy systems. All USTDA energy sector activities support U.S. jobs through the export of innovative American technology.

Healthcare Infrastructure

USTDA activities provide a pathway for emerging markets to increase patient access and improve healthcare delivery. The Agency is deploying new tools and integrating with the full range of healthcare providers to support the application of U.S. technology for diagnosis, treatment and cures for the benefit of emerging market populations.


USTDA promotes mobility and security in emerging transportation markets by enhancing flight safety, airport expansion, airspace capacity, rail modernization, port logistics and intelligent urban design. USTDA also creates new export opportunities for U.S. suppliers of transportation technologies, systems and services.