Rhett Jones


RISE Philippines
Rhett Jones has dedicated over a decade to improving internet connectivity in the Philippines. First founding the internet service provider RISE, the largest Internet exchange in the Philippines GetaFIX and most recently OpenAccess.ph a shared fibre provider. Prior to coming to the Philippines Rhett led a number of telecommunications and technology companies servicing customers in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America and has been based in Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. As a successful serial entrepreneur he’s also been invited to judge, speak or join panels at a number of conferences, events and competitions. Currently based in Cebu and Manila he spends his time encouraging collaborative and sustainable industry approaches to better internet connectivity in line with the RISE group’s mission to accelerate internet for the Philippines. A keen technologist, Rhett studied computer science at Murdoch University and business at Bond University (Australia) from which he holds a Bachelor of Commerce. Apart from English he is also fluent in Portuguese.